Dave's Amber Game

Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
Wherein we meet our heroes and learn of a new threat to Amber

The episode begins with Alinn, a young Amberite who enters Castle Amber for the first time with Julian. After agreeing to give Alinn a tour of Castle Amber, Droppa Mapants, the court jester of Amber, takes off with Alinn and asks him about his connection to Julian. Alinn reveals that he is an orphan and has known Julian since he was very young. Julian, Alinn claims, is like a father to him. As the pair enter the throne room, Summer, another young Amberite who has just finished walking the pattern, teleports into the throne room, making a grand entrance. Summer reveals that she is Eric’s daughter and wishes to speak with the king, Random. The group heads up to speak with Random, who is surprised to see Summer and hear that Eric has a daughter. Random tells Summer that she has a half-brother, Durant, who has caused Random some trouble in the past. The group is then introduced to Vialle, who welcomes them warmly. Summer stays on for a chat with Vialle and Random while Alinn leaves with Droppa. Summer negotiates with Random to get her and her mother’s names cleared by officially recognizing Summer as a princess of Amber after her recent pattern-walk.

Meanwhile, Finn, another young Amberite, meets with his advisor Gerome in Finn’s palace on Acheron. Gerome informs Finn that there is a new cult on Acheron and some of its surrounding colonies. The cult is called “the Serpent’s Eye”, and it seems to have recently constructed a large snake temple on Centros. Following this meeting, Finn contacts his mother, Fiona, to ask her if she’s seen the symbol of the cult, which is an ourobouros with a large, jewel-like eye, before. She suggests that the cult may be related to the Jewel of Judgment and prods Finn to visit Amber soon. Finn puts his secret spy network in Acheron, called the Bothan Spynet, on the task of tracking down information on the Serpent’s Eye.

Droppa and Alinn, after taking leave of Random and Vialle, find Julian practicing in the fencing room. Julian and Alinn decide to spar with one another. Alinn reveals to Julian that he wants to return to his home in shadow, and Julian tries to dissuade Alinn from leaving, arguing that Amber is the true reality Alinn should care about. Finn trumps in, interrupts the conversation, and introduces himself to the pair. The three Amberites walk to Random’s chambers to speak with the king. Finn shows Random the symbol of the Serpent’s Eye, and the two compare it to the Jewel of Judgment. The similarities between the eye depicted in the symbol and the Jewel are striking. Finn agrees to investigate the situation, and Random sends the young Amberites, Julian, and Droppa away.

Outside Random’s quarters, Alinn and Julian talk about Alinn’s plan to aid the military resistance back home on his home shadow. Finn interrupts the conversation and offers his services (and army) to help Alinn in his resistance against a mysterious evil force which has succeeded in turning many of inhabitant’s of Alinn’s home shadow into its minions. Finn invites Alinn to Acheron to pick up supplies to help Alinn’s resistance fighters deal with this menace. Alinn and Summer agree to go with Finn to Acheron, but before they leave, Alinn takes Julian aside, asking him why, if Julian had access to an army all this time, Julian had not stopped the war in Alinn’s home shadow. Julian explains that he doesn’t care much about the lives of those in Alinn’s shadow, and Alinn says that he feels that Julian has betrayed him.

Meanwhile, Finn uses the pattern as a lens to view the Serpent’s Eye temple on the planet Centros. He finds a stockpile of weapons there, which he then breaks, as well as an empty seat that a number of cultists seem to be worshipping. The group of young Amberites then reforms and heads to Arden to shadow-walk to Acheron after (grabbing a few horses, of course). Alinn provides more details about the menace in his home shadow, and the group decides that, instead of heading to Acheron, they should shift through shadow towards a solution to Alinn’s problems and those of his people. They come upon a group clad in white robes like the members of the Serpent’s Eye Finn had seen earlier. Finn holds the symbol of the Serpent’s Eye before them, and they begin to chant. Finn bends the laws of nature in this shadow to grab a universal translator and learns that the group is calling upon something they call “the Shadow Weaver”.

The cultist in the center of the group then turns completely black and 2-dimensional, and he vanishes from the pattern eye. He begins to advance on the group and, raising his arms, unleashes a telekinetic attack. The group gallops away on horseback to avoid the attack, but the dark figure blocks the road. The young Amberites turn on the dark figure and threaten him with their weapons. The figure does not respond to the threats, so the Amberites open fire on him with their firearms. Each bullet that hits the figure seems to chip away small pieces of the figure’s body. After his arm and leg are severed, however, the monks gather around dark figure, calling on the Shadow Weaver to strengthen his presence. Summer and Alinn respond by shooting to wound the chanting monks.

The dark figure stands up, his body reformed, and points at the image Finn holds, asking where Finn got it. Finn tells the figure he’s met the figure’s followers and asks the dark figure who he is and what he wants. All of the fallen monks suddenly transform into copies of the dark figure and rise from the ground. As the group of dark figures turns to attack, Finn trumps back to Acheron and drags Summer and Alinn with him, getting a nasty knock to his head before he arrives home from one of the advancing dark figures. Alinn looks at Finn’s wound and realizes these figures were much stronger than human beings. Finn contacts Random to let him know about the monks and this “Shadow Weaver”. Random tells Finn to stay put in Acheron, promising to send someone over in the morning.

Who is this mysterious “Shadow Weaver”, and how is he connected to the force menacing Alinn’s home shadow? What are the goals of the shadowy organization known as “the Serpent’s Eye”? How is the Jewel of Judgment involved in all of this? And just who will Random send over to Acheron in the morning? Find out next week as Dave’s Amber Game continues!

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